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Bonuses, Briefcases, Bridges, Books, And Binks — See Additionally

I Was Promised Bonuses: And yet we didn’t hear about any today. Here’s a tracker of what we’ve heard so far in case any firms are itching to go over the top.

Boxers Or Briefcases: Allen & Overy apparently lost a sensitive one of the latter and ended up with their pants down.

George Lucas Explains It All: I hate the prequels as much as the next person, but one thing they got right is that Yale Law School is destroying America. Or something like that.

Escape Hatches: The Department of Transportation plays a little loose with the Hatch Act, which would be a real scandal if the Trump administration hadn’t made Hatch Act violations with the frequency of a Post-Infrastructure Bill train schedule.

Buy My Book — Federal Lawsuit Edition: Mark Esper is suing the government and conveniently provides the media a link to pre-order his book. Advertising isn’t free, but a filing fee is pretty cheap.

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